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The Well-Stocked and Gilded Cage

Lawrence Lenhart

162 pages, paperback: $16.00.

Outpost19, 2016.

Backvalley Ferrets:

     A Rewilding of the Colorado Plateau

Lawrence Lenhart

University of Georgia Press (Crux), 2023.

Dry Safe & Together:

     Small Island/Big Ocean Contingencies

Lawrence Lenhart

West Virginia University Press (In Place), 2024.

Experimental Writing:

     A Writer's Guide and Anthology

William Cordeiro & Lawrence Lenhart

Bloomsbury Academic, 2024.

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  • "Poison Shrimp Quay"

                The Rupture

  • "The Fire Caves of Nanumanga"

  • "Keep Your Foot on the Land and You Are Safe"

  • "Owing to a Well-Founded Fear"

  • "John Frum 'E Come" 

               Western Humanities Review*

  • "The Beautiful Rump Nut of Praslin       Island"

               Greensboro Review


  • "Repossession"

               Island Review

  • "La Cueva, El Anexo"

               Chicago Review

  • "Bright Standing Bowl"

               Waxwing Journal

  • "Wheelhouse or a Runaway"


  • "A Schnauzer Seance"

               Pinch Journal

*Runner-Up, Mountain West Writers' Contest, selected by Lucy Corin

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