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Backvalley Ferrets

Finalist for the Ellen Meloy Fund for Desert Writers

Runner-Up for the Waterston Desert Writing Prize.


Pushcart Nominee

anthologized in Letters to America


Best of the Net Nominee









Winner, "Best Adaptation Essay"

Notable Essay, Best American Essays 2017

Notable Essay, Best American Essays 2020

  • "Backvalley Ferrets" 



  • "Letter to America/Dear Milo" 


  • "How to Talk Dlak-Thooted Therret: Ventriloquism for the Eremocene" 

               Quarterly West

  • "This Taxidermy Will Be Mounted to an Interior Wall" 

               Passages North

  • "If the Ferret Crosses the Road," 

               Creative Nonfiction, Fall 2017

  • "A Ferret by Any Other Name"

               Willow Springs, Fall 2020

  • "My Son Was Born to Rob Me of the    Glory of Saving the Black-Footed Ferret From Plague"

               Orion, Summer 2020

  • "Where's My Little Ferret"

               River Teeth, Spring 2020

  • "From Petri to Prairie"​​

                High Country News, 2022​

Out now! High Country News: The Cloning Conundrum [link]


Featuring the essay, "Should We Clone the Black-Footed Ferret?" From petri dish to prairie with North America’s most endangered species. For decades, cryopreserved cells have been stored at the Frozen Zoo in San Diego, CA. Thanks to biotechnology, those cells were thawed, split, shipped, cloned, and implanted in a surrogate in Rochester, NY. The clone, Elizabeth Ann, was born in Carr, CO and now represents the most genetically diverse living BFF.  

Keywords: endangered species, cloning, conservation, frozen zoo

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