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Experimental Writing

A Writer's Guide & Anthology

Bloomsbury Academic, 2024

Experimental Writing Cover.jpeg

“Write what you know, goes the adage — write from experience. But remembering that experience is the etymological origin of experiment one might also write toward what one does not yet know. Cordeiro and Lenhart's guidebook, replete with prompts and a generous anthology of trailblazers, offers a Baedeker for first-time explorers of uncharted territories.”

               - Craig Dworkin, Professor of English, University of Utah

​An inspiring guide to the practices of contemporary experimental creative writing, this book explores experimentation through the lens of emerging genres such as hybrid texts, creative repurposing, handicrafting, conceptual writing, minor forms, undisciplined writing, performance writing, and new media works. Combining the aesthetics, history, social context, and philosophical backgrounds of experimental work with a broad anthology of models in-book and online, Experimental Writing gives you the toolkit of techniques and skills to confidently engage with forms previously perceived as intimidating so that you can reinvigorate your craft. The textbook will provide you with a "big picture" perspective and the motivation to question the templates you work within, giving you the wherewithal to shape your own ideals for writing, no matter what your stylistic preference. 


  • Emerging Forms: A (Dis)Orientation

  • Chapter 1: Hybrids

  • Chapter 2: Composites & Unclassifiables

  • Chapter 3: Creative Repurposing

  • Chapter 4: Handicrafting & Textual Materiality

  • Chapter 5: Conceptual & Visual Writing

  • Chapter 6: Minor Forms

  • Chapter 7. Undisciplined Writing

  • Chapter 8: Performance

  • Chapter 9: Digital Writing

  • Anthology

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