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The Well-Stocked
    & Gilded Cage

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“At the least unhinged and quite possibly a little insane, Lawrence Lenhart’s essays are perverse in the best way, willing to sacrifice whatever (self-protection, sleep, comfort, love, safety, tradition) in search of the weird heart beating inside the world and the real meaning of things. Lenhart’s a legitimate threat: a yearner and a quester. Ain’t no cage, however gilded, can hold this bird for long.”

               - Ander Monson, author of I Will Take the Answer


"There are books with turtles in them. And books with dogs. And books about bullies. And books about hoarding birds. There are books about Bangladesh and books about the end of the world but I do not think there is another book that pulls back the veil to reveal how woven together dogs, bullies, birds, babies and Bangladesh are. Lenhart does something in The Well-Stocked and Gilded Cage that only someone with a special kind of genius can do: train his focus as sharply inward as he does outward. Intense awareness combined with his intense concern make for a big heart and a big brain and a big, as in important, book."

               - Nicole Walker, author of Sustainability: A Love Story

Outpost19, 2016

  • "Give Me That For Nothing, Now I Am Going Away"*

               Wag's Revue

  • "Dogsucker: The Written Oral"† 

               Alaska Quarterly Review

  • "The Well-Stocked and Gilded Cage:  Psitticulture Nervosa"‡ 

               Prairie Schooner

  • "Kumari Amenorrhea"


  • "Azimuth as a Myth: A Lyric Algorithm For an Off-Brand GPS" 

               Sundog Lit

  • "Too Slow Is How That Tortoise Go: A Carapace in 37 Parts" 

               Fourth Genre

  • "Captioning Novitiate: Figures of   Sramanera" 


  • "Sons of Sound: A Lyric Concatenation

          for an Off-Brand GPS" 


  • "This Taxidermy Will Be Mounted

         to an Interior Wall"

               Passages North

  • "Elegy For a Flushed or

          Buried Pet" 

               Fourteen Hills

  • "Of No Ground: Late Days in the Country of Eighteen Tides"§ 


*Notable Essay, Best American Essays 2014


†Notable Essay, Best American Essays 2015

‡Winner of Virginia Faulkner Award

for Excellence in Writing

§Winner of the Annual Nonfiction Contest

(dis)Placement, selected by Scott Russell Sanders

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