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Out now! High Country News: The Cloning Conundrum [link]


Featuring the essay, "Should We Clone the Black-Footed Ferret?" From petri dish to prairie with North America’s most endangered species. For decades, cryopreserved cells have been stored at the Frozen Zoo in San Diego, CA. Thanks to biotechnology, those cells were thawed, split, shipped, cloned, and implanted in a surrogate in Rochester, NY. The clone, Elizabeth Ann, was born in Carr, CO and now represents the most genetically diverse living BFF.  

Keywords: endangered species, cloning, conservation, frozen zoo

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Out now! Indiana Review: Vol. 43. [link]


Featuring the essay, "Drysafe and Together." A small Louisiana island is subsiding into the Gulf of Mexico. This work of long-form journalism explores the relationship between the indigenous Isle de Jean Charles Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Indians who live there and the state agency that's trying to broker an acceptable resettlement plan.


Keywords: climate resiliency, climate refugee, subsidence, ethnography, resettlement, climate writer

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